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using norton ghost 14.0

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1. beginner to backup    please bear     norton ghost 14.0 guides you in this effort    at one point it asks where do you want to store or keep the backup material   for d it says read only   for c it says you cannot backup to the drive that you are backing up    quite logical
then is my undesstanding correct  that  norton provides the facility of backing up, but the actual storage has to be on some sort of an external device   hard drive, card, flash drive,  etc?

2. What is ghosts advantage here   i mean a separate external hard disc will also transfer data itelf and store the backup material    so will flash drives  etc.

So what is ghost 14.0 really doing, over and above what other devices do?

when responding please use simple words

thank you very much

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When I backup my computer with Ghost 14 to an EGO portable drive, then click on the remove safely button, it says the "generic volume" is still running, try again after stopping the generic volume.
If I go ahead and disconnect the external drive from the USB connection, the error message comes up saying that the backup point is not found.
Help Jim