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How does ghosting work?

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I am trying to solve a problem but I need to know how all this works.


So are there 2 pieces to ghosting? A thing that boots into ghost and then another program that host the ghost image file?


At work we have a PXE server that boots into windows and launches ghost 11.5.1. I then go into the options and select unicast and point it to a PC that houses all of our images.

The problem is that we have 2 places where images are kept. lets call them PCA and PCB. We have 4 subnets all on their own VLANs lets call them VLANs 1, 2, 3, and 4.


Now PC-X needs to have an image restored on it. PXE is only available on VLANs 1, 2, and 4. 

If PC-X is plugged into Vlan1 it will PXE boot. After which it only has access to the images on PCA. If i point it to PCB it will not find it.

If PC-X is plugged into VLAN2 it will PXE boot but it will let me access images on both PCA and PCB. 

VLAN3 doesn't offer PXE boot so I'm trying to make a bootbale USB so I won't need PXE boot ( I guess another topic for another discussion)

VLAN4 is where the PXE server and PCB sit, I have no ports avalaible to me on that VLAN.

PCX can ping both PCA and B from all 3 VLANs. So why are the images on PCB not available when plugged into Vlan2 even though I can ping PCB normally?

Oh and PCA is sitting on VLAN 4 along with the PXE server.

So in summary why can't I access the images on PCB is I pxe boot in VLAN 1 but I can ping PCA fine when booting normally.