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How to select a folder in SPN as a backup destination

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I have setup SPN on my Backup Exec 12 system, and created a folder. The SPN is reported online.
However, I have yet to see a selection in the backup destination selections for a backup job that show me the SPN folder name. I only see my local backup to disk folders.
Is there something that I'm missing here?

Level 2
Now that you have created Symantec Protection Network folders in Backup Exec, you can configure duplicate backup jobs in Backup Exec with a Symantec Protection Network folder as the target. You can create and configure multiple Symantec Protection Network folders for different backup jobs. However, you can only run one backup at a time.The SPN folder is not available as a destination device for initial or primary backups; it is available to you as a backup device for duplicate backup jobs

Please contact our helpdesk at or 1-866-223-5977 if you have any further questions.

Charles Morris

Security Infrastructure Administrator

Symantec Corporation