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Looking for information on how Online Storage for Backup Exec works...

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Does Online Storage for Backup Exec make a full backup, then backup changes to files only at the bit level?  Are SQL databases and Exchange databases backed up correctly when using the Backup Exec agents? 


I am looking for as much information as I can find on how Online Storage for Backup Exec works.  We currently use Backup Exec 12.0 (12.5 soon), and I would like to use it to backup critical data online.  I have not been able to find techical white papers that might detail this better, but they would be very helpful in guiding me through a decision.


We have looked at several solutions including LiveVault, eVault, Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager among others.  How does this product compare?


Thanks in advance for your input!


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Online Storage does not backup at the bit level when changes are made. That is our Online Backup program which is separate form Symantec Online Storage. The Online Storage is an add-on to BE 12 which uses BE's backup jobs and stores the data online in our protected datacenters. Since BE agents are used to backup SQL and Exchange they also can be correctly backed up and stored online using Symantec Protection Network Online Storage.


More information about Online Storage can be found in forum post below.

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