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Windows Does Not Recognize Ibm Lto3 3580

I'm trying to install a new Tape IBM 3580 in my server. I'm runing Windows 2003 in a HP ML110 G2, but I can't figure out how to get this working.

I've attached Tape SCSI interface at Adaptec 2120S. During boot process, SCSI Card recognize new tape device. After installed driver from IBM site just appear Tape Bus Enumerator, not Tape Unit.

I'm using CA Brighstor to manage, but, if Windows does not recognize, I can't use in Brightstor.


Lto 3 tapes
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Re: Windows Does Not Recognize Ibm Lto3 3580

Why on earth are you posting in a Veritas forum and not on a CA forum?
Or Adaptec?

You may find it difficult to locate correct drivers for W2003 as Microsoft has ended support for this OS.