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Analyitcs report - tracking AIR replications and imports?

Level 4

Hi all,


We recently set up AIR between two sites and it's working great.  While it is running daily and I am trying to find a way to meet the requirements that we have for tracking and alerting on this process, mainly:


Elapsed time between end of backup and end of replication

Alerts on any failed replications or imports

Alerts on any replicaitons not completed in time per a given SLA


Creating simple reports in Opscenter is, well, simple.  But I am struggling with this one - I only see two canned reports that address AIR, SLP Status and SLP Backlog and neither meet these requirements.  Is there anything out there I can use or does this need to be built from the ground up?


Level 6


Unfortunately AIR has suffered from the "It works and we sold some product with it, now we're going to move on to other NEW! SHINY! Things" syndrome that a lot of NetBackup has endured lately.  They need to declare a six month moratorium on new features and fix/improve the stuff that they've already added...


There are no easy ways, other than command line scripting, to find out how AIR is doing (or not doing).  I've had to write my own scripts to get simple things like "replication of this SLP is done" (which should be a checkmark in the SLP editor) and "how many more are left to replicate?" (simple reporting).

There are a couple of canned reports (not Alerts) in OpsCenter Analytics that give some information about SLP progress but beware of them also.  If you, like I do, have a short duration staging area (Advanced Disk) and then long term storage elseware those reports won't pick up on the short term and will claim that there's a lot of "to go" progress when it was done a long time ago and subsequently expired.


Level 4

Well that's less than encouraging!  The few (I think actually 2 ) reports in Opscenter are pretty generic, I can drill down to specific SLPs but am coming across the same limitations you are.  I have a request open to our BCS on this and so far I have gotten a reference to the SLP Best Practices doc which doesn't tell me anything I didn't already know.