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BUG: OpsCenter Linux Upgrade to 7.1 (CPI ERROR V-9-0-0 Invalid mount point /var)

If your preforming an upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1 running on Linux, you may run into the below issue.


                                                         Symantec OpsCenter Installation Program                                                         

Welcome to the Symantec OpsCenter installation program.

This installation program will guide you through the steps required to install and configure Symantec OpsCenter.

Press [Enter] to continue:

Initial system check:

    Checking OPSCENTERSERVER installation on <System Name> .................................................................................................. 7.0

Symantec OpsCenter will use the existing VRTSatServer installation for user authentication. In case of all other available packages, OpsCenter will
upgrade them if required.

Where should the existing Symantec OpsCenter database and configuration files be backed up? An 'OpsCenterServer_backup' directory will be created within the
directory that you specify to store these files. (/var/symantec/)

Directory "/var/symantec/" does not exist. Do you want to create the directory? [y,n,q] (y)

CPI ERROR V-9-0-0 Invalid mount point /var
installOpsCenterServer log files are saved at /var/VRTS/install/logs/installOpsCenterServer-iKvb6A


During the file system verification process the current perl scripts are unable to read the possible 3rd line outputted from the "df -kl /var" command if the "Filesystem" creates a wrap around for the "1K-bloks  Userd  Available  Use% Mounted on".  See below df output:

<# df -kl /var
Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
                       4062912    244600   3608600   7% /var


Either Symantec will update the below recommendation with a patch release or you'll have the edit the file manually.

Update below perl script: (Within the OpsCenter extraction)

1. Edit the below file:


2. Find the below lines: (around lines 278 - 282)

CPI:Smiley Tonguel_die ( "Invalid mount point $dir" ) if ( $#dfkLines != 1 );
$dfkLine = $dfkLines[$#dfkLines] || "";

3. Change the above lines to the BOLD lines below:

sub getAvailableSpace
    my $sys = shift;
    my $dir = shift;
    my $junk = "";

    $dir =~ s/^\///;
    ($dir, $junk) = split(/\//, $dir);
    $dir = CPI::dc_sys ( $sys, "/$dir" ) ? "/$dir" : "/"; # if /$dir not exist then check / for space

    my $dfk = CPI::do_sys($sys,"_PLAT_DFK $dir");
    CPI:Smiley Tonguel_die ( "Invalid mount point $dir" ) if ( "$?" );

    my @dfkLines = split /\r?\n/,$dfk;
    my $dfkLine = "";
    if ( $#dfkLines == 2 ) {
       $dfkLine = $dfkLines[1] . " " . $dfkLines[2];
    } else {
       CPI:Smiley Tonguel_die ( "Invalid mount point $dir" ) if ( $#dfkLines != 1 );
       $dfkLine = $dfkLines[$#dfkLines] || "";

    my @spaceValues = split /\s+/, $dfkLine;
    my $availSpace = "";
    $availSpace = $spaceValues[3];

    return $availSpace;

4. Save & Exit, re-run installation

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OR Change line 19 of


Change line 19 of OpsCenter_7.1_X64/LinuxR_x86_64/Server/scripts/CPI/plat/


$CPI:Smiley TongueLAT{Linux}{DFKA}=”/bin/df –kl”


$CPI:Smiley TongueLAT{Linux}{DFKA}=”/bin/df –kP