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Can I combine two Opscenter reports?


We've made two reports in the OpsCenter.

The first is to report all the failed jobs (whose status code is not 0), and the 2nd is to report all the successful jobs (whose status code is 0).

However, after some failed jobs had a 2nd try (we allow failed jobs to re-try after 4 hours), they became sucessful and hence, they needn't show up on the failed job report..

I wonder if anyone knows how to solve this problem ?

We use Opscenter Analytics 8.0



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Re: Can I combine two Opscenter reports?

You'd be better off running a report that told you how long its been since a failed backup ran successfully and running that a couple of times a day or at the beginning of each day for the previous 24 hours.

Re: Can I combine two Opscenter reports?

Hi Krutons,

Thanks for the reply.

Just to give an update, I've eventually solved the problem by directly writing SQL.

I made two SELECT queries, the first one to extract all failed jobs, and the second one to extract all successful jobs. And any records in the first but not in the second query (multiple tried successful jobs must present in here) are those genuiue failed jobs, even after multiple attempts.