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Can OpsCenter (wth analytics) report on offsited (vaulted) disks

I am looking for a way to see how many tapes per policy are offsited (vaulted).  Does anyone know if there is a way to do this with OpsCenter?  Either a caned report or if someone has a custom sql query?

Thanks for the help!!

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If there is not a way to do

If there is not a way to do this with OpsCenter, is there a way to do this via netbackup it's self?  Can anyone help?



We don't assign tapes to

We don't assign tapes to policies, so there probably isn't a way to report on that. 

NetBackup's tape scheme tries to group backups on as few tapes as possible by storing backup images that will expire around the same time onto the same tape.  In other words, images from more than one policy would likely reside on the same tape, but they would all basically expire on the same date.  How are you managing your setup? 

For instance, we assign multiple clients to a policy, assign a default volume pool on the first page of the policy, and use multiple schedules with that policy (full, incremental, etc.) which sometimes override the default volume pool defined at the policy level.  When we vault tapes, only certain volume pools are duplicated to tapes in an offsite pool.  Multiple volume pools are then stored on the same tape.

If you are doing something different, such as backing up the same client in multiple separate policies that each use one specific volume pool, that might complicate things and make reporting difficult or impossible.