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Can Opscenter report on SLPs filtered on separate hosts or SLP names

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I am using Netbackup We use SLPs to duplicate our Oracle backup images (originally backed up to Advanceddisk) to Puredisk appliance then Tape.

I can use the Oracle internal views to monitor if my backups for each policy and schedule are successful

What I am struggling with is the visibilty to check if all my backup images are being duplicated to all the other locations. We run many Oracle backups, some over 10TB which create up to 1000 backup images for a full backup. I need to be able to say with confidence that all these images exist where they are supposed to

The Opscenter SLP report is basic and just gives me an overview per master server. I would really like to be able to have reports based on individual SLPs or hosts

Does anyone know a way I can achieve this or have any other suggestions

Many thanks



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Please see if you have checked the link below


Hope that helps