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Change of appliance/master media set up & reporting

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I currently have 2 NBU 5200 appliances and these are both individual master/media servers. For OPscenter (non analytics) reports I use the viewbuilder and have added in the server objects to create the reports from both appliances (as I use air replication/SLP to replicate the data to the other appliance).

I am in a position now to add a new server to be the master and set up 2 new appliances which will be media servers and will eventually take over from the existing appliances.

How do I deal with the OPScenter reporting aspect of this situation? Given that the original appliances will still be retained for their backup data and recoveries?



Has anyone experience in this situation? I am imagining that I will have to recreate all views etc to include the new server objects from the new master server?

Any info much appreciated.


Level 4

I should state that I am retaining the OPScenter server in the new set up....which I am expecting will also see the existing appliances and the new master server....

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Adding a master server or an appliance master server in the OpsCenter console

Article:HOWTO87643  |  Created: 2013-09-30  |  Updated: 2013-09-30  |  Article URL

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Does this mean that when the new master server is added in, that the server objects will be seen as new server objects (relating to that new master server)


Essentially I believe I have a lot of configuration work to achieve the new master server and the reporting/alerting that I have upon backup failures..

Level 4

Ok, I now have the new master server in place, but I still have all my old views showing the server objects attached to the old master server. Is there a way I can bring in the new objects into the same views - or would I be quicker creating them all again with the new server objects?