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Create new Database - Opscenter

Level 3

Having all sorts of problems with Opscenter which i think is mainly due to a 5 year old Database which started life in VBR.

Without reinstalling Opscenter how do i create a new Database and start again ?

Also anyone know whether my 7.1 license will work in 7.5 (Analytics) ?




Level 4

There should be a blank DB in the same place as your current DB (you can down the app and put this instead of your DB). If not you can always move your DB and reinstall opscenter. I'd go for the reinstall just to make sure everything is clean.

Level 3


your first question : during the upgrade there will be a blank db created as Zenshai has written. But you can also check this script in C:\Program Files\Symantec\OpsCenter\server\bin\dbdefrag.bat where it is initializing a fresh db when dump is finished. It is very complicated. Or you can just do a fresh install on a different server and you will get a blank db.

your second question : also interested to know smiley  but i have also analytics licence for

Level 3

7.1 license appears to work in 7.5 smiley