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Custom report to show Deactivated Policy(ies) needed ASAP please!

I'm totally new to Backup Reporter and while I've done *some* in the past, it's not my forte.  I'm going to see what tutorial(s) are available to help me become proficient, but right now, time is precious.  What I need to create is a report for my VP of IT that shows what Backup Policy or Policies are currently deactivated.  Thanks!!
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Try this...

select distinct backupPolicyName as InactivePolicy,
                objectPrimaryDisplayName as Masterserver
from ccsvc.backupPolicy,
where backupPolicyActive = 0
  and backupPolicyDomainID = backupPolicyBackupPolicyDomainID
  and backupPolicyDomainMasterServerObjectID = ObjectID

Re: Try this...



Can you tell me what is ccsvc? while running query i am getting unable to find user id.