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Customised Logo in OpsCenter Reports


Need some help on how to change Symantec Opscenter Analytics logo on custom reports exported in PDF's from Opscenter? I am looking to export some of the pdf reports with my company logo instead of Symantec Opscenter Analytics for my clients. Not sure if anyone have tried and had a success on doing this? Any knowledge or information you can provide will be really helpful.




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FirozK , Modifying this is

FirozK ,

Modifying this is officially unsupported... 

However, testing this in my lab, you will need to modify the following gif...


Image Size: (166 pixels wide) x (60 pixels height)

PLEASE NOTE: This will only effect HTML based reports. PDF reports cannot be modified to my knowledge... 

If you have any questions, please let me know.




Hi Tom, Thank you for your

Hi Tom,

Thank you for your response. I have already got the HTML reports working with my company logo on it.  it was the PDF which I couldn't get that working. I have check the source and according to that The location it picks up the logo is \Opscenter\Common\Features\Images unfortunatly I am unable to find that on my install path and it appears to be hard coded somewhere.

Never mind my research is still ongoing for that and will share my knowledge if I have any success.


Thank you,


Hi Tom I managed to change

Hi Tom

I managed to change the logo, but I had to change it in a different location. My html reports only worked after I changed the logo here ./installpath/opscenter/server/images. However now that the logo is changed, the rest of the banner page is still yellow. Where do I change that - I suspect it is a style sheet, but I cannot find it.

See the attached screenshot of my dilemma.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Here is a screenshot of my

Here is a screenshot of my dilemma. How do I get rid of the yellow line next to the logo ?logo2.png