Dashboard for Management

HI All,

i am trying to create dashboard for management, we have EMC DPA and create web reports, provide that links in our group website for management access, is there a way we can do the same in OPS center

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Hi Shrikanth               I

Hi Shrikanth

              I don't think that is possible with Opscenter .....



Can you provide a bit more

Can you provide a bit more detail?

You can have user accounts, and proivde them limited functionality within OpsCenter... (Reporting Role)

However, you cannot modify the look or structure of the OpsCenter WebUI.



You can create a "dashboard"

You can create a "dashboard" within OpsCenter itself, or you can schedule reports to be exported as a .CSV file to a directory on a scheduled basis that could be read by some graphing/charting program, but you cannot create a report in OpsCenter and embed it in your own web page.