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Duplicates in opscenter analytics report

Im using 7.1 ops center analytics, im generating report daily but i see lot of duplicate job in the reports, is there any way to filter the duplicates according to end time of job and generate a duplicate job free report

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Not that I'm aware of

I can't find a way to filter out "duplicate" jobs.

I assume you are referring to a tabular report of completed jobs?  If so, every job stream has a unique Job ID; can you add that column to your report, compare the Job ID column for two jobs you see as duplicates, and confirm that there really are two (or more) job streams with the same Job ID?  If so, then you should probably open a case with Symantec to track down the source of the extra data. 

I have the same issue.  For

I have the same issue.  For the same Job ID, the tabular backup report reports on that same Job ID 5 times. This started happening after the upgrade from 7.1 to  Netbackup and Opscenter are both on version  Anyone see this before?  I will probably call symantec on this.



Yup, this looks like another

Yup, this looks like another bug.  I just tried the "Tabular Backup Report", sorted by "Job Primary ID", and found over 30 duplicate lines for a job that should only have 1.  there are others, that was just he first one that I came across that was obviously a duplicate.

I'm opening a case with Symantec; I suggest you do the same.  It would help to let them know that multiple customers see the same problem with it.



Will do Ron.  Thanks for the

Will do Ron.  Thanks for the follow up.

Check your "Job Directory"

Check your "Job Directory" column in the report for the lines that appear to be duplicates; does it show a different directory for each one?  That's the only column I see that is different between the various duplicated jobs.

No matter if they are the same or not, this is still a problem because all of the lines show the same job size, even if those backed up directories are NOT the same size.  But it might help Symantec identify the problem.

I found the differentiating

I found the differentiating field: it's definitely the "Job Directory" column, and it is affecting regular full/incremental backups, User Backups, and Duplication job types. 

We have some backups taht are broken down by directory name, sometimes using the NEW_STREAM directive.  We regularly feed a list of files into a bpbackup command line to back up specific files files.  And, some of our duplication jobs duplicate more than one backup image. 

If the job contains more than one path  in the job's details to back up or duplicate, that seems to be where it creates a new line in the report, but it duplicates the Job Size, etc. to all lines related to that Job Primary ID.  If you were to export his report, the repeated job sizes would throw off any calculations you might try to perform.

There is no filter for Job Type in the Tabular Backup Report, so I can't find any way to eliminate those lines.  I do think this is still a bug.  Hoping to chat with Support soon to get this fixed.

Mine shows a different job

Mine shows a different job directory for each duplicate.

Ron, I opened a case with


I opened a case with Symantec.  The case is marked as minor so a techinician will be contacting me at some point.  I stated in the notes that other individuals in the Symantec Connect forums are seeing the same thing.

I just got off the phone with

I just got off the phone with support.  The problem can be worked around by creating a custom report (tabular) with the desired fields, and it does not appear to exhibit this problem.

It sounded like they were in the process of creating a Technote for this issue.

Ron, I can only use the


I can only use the templates provided.  I'm using the free version of Opscenter.  I guess I'll have to wait until the next patch.

I have created custom reports

I have created custom reports with the job directory field and it still comes up with duplicates all of the fields match just one line has the job directory and the other line says other in place of the job directory

Re: I have created custom reports

hello ,


I have 8.1.1 & 7.7.3 version of ops center's in two different scopes and the problem is same for me also. Getting N number of duplicates in the report with the same job directory and job start at the sam e time. i tried both tabular and custom report the issue is same in the both the version's. looking for ward for a solution over this.

Re: I have created custom reports

Hi Khbhaska,

It's always better to start your own post with details of your own environment.  This post is more than six and a half years old, didn't seem to get a solution, and is for a version of OpsCenter that has been end of life for a number of years.  Hope fully one of the moderators will be able to move this to a new post for you.

I've been through the late breaking news for both of your versions and can't see anything relating to this, although doing some searches I can find a few examples where this was definitely an issue between versions 7.1 - 7.5.

I'd say it's time to raise a ticket with Veritas support, unless someone else can chime in with a known fix, or a workaround (like a custom report as shown in some other posts).