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Exchange 2010 DAG Restore

Hello All

I have OPSCenter Running on Windows Server 2008 R2 and want to try and restore an Exchange 2010 Mailbox.  I do not see under the advanced search option that allows me to select Exchange policy.  So is it even possible to restore an Exchange 2010 DAG Mailbox from OPSCenter?




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erose At this time Exchange


At this time Exchange restores are not supported via OpsCenter. I believe the only restore options are normal backups for MS-Windows, Flashbackups, Virtual, and NDMP.

erose, OpsCenter does not


OpsCenter does not support restores for Exchange Policy Type.

OpsCenter Operational Restore


Supported Policy Types and Restore Types

  1. Supports Standard, MS-Windows, FlashBackup, FlashBackup-Windows, NDMP, HyperV and VMWare policy types.

  2. Supports only Normal Restore type.

Restore Limitations

  1. Does not support the following Restore types: Archive, Raw Partition, True Image, Backup exec, Point in Time, Virtual Machines,

  2. Does not support application restores.   <<<<<<<<<<

If you have any questions, please let me know.