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Exclude certain Error codes from generating SNMP traps - Ops Center & HPOM

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Hello Folks,


We have been in the process of integrating NetBackup backup failure alerts with HP OML for auto-creation of the Incident tickets and get it auto-assigned to our operations ticketing queue.

We have got some success in this integration, but there is still some kind of refinement we would like to do in that, as in for example, certain error codes should not generate SNMP traps and not being sent to HP OM and auto-generation of incident tickets for those can be avoided, for example, error code 1, 150 e.t.c to name of few. We just do not wish all backup-failure error codes to auto-generate an Incident ticket for us.

How we can achieve that please ?

NetBackup : ( In cluster)

Master Server/Ops-center server: Windows 2008 R2-64-bit Enterprise


HP OML ( HP Operations Manager for Linux) : 9.10


Any help & guidance in this regard would be much appreciated.

Please feel free to ask if any other info is required.



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while creating failure alerts u can exclude error code 1,150 or watever u want in opscenter. if u didnt find the option let me know, will attach snapshots for u  

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Specify properties for the selected alert condition

Specify attributes for the alert condition that you selected. The attributes differ for each alert condition. For many alert conditions (for example, for the Job Finalized condition), you may need to enter threshold attributes and other required or optional attributes. These attributes define and limit the alert.

For alert conditions like High Job Failure Rate and Job Finalized, you may need to enter values for Exit Status to Include or Exit Status to Exclude field. You can provide multiple values in this field that are separated by comma in the following format:

20-35, 36, <40, >50

A value can be a range of exit status like 20-35 or all exit status below 40 like <40.

Any combinations of this format can be used like

20-40, >55


>70, 76

Example:  ScreenShot
Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.20.18 AM.png
If you have any questions, please let me know

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Sorry folks for late reply.

I have been having issues with my online SYMC account not showing up my posts that I have posted for help under my account and have been wondering where my posted question disappeared.


Hi Tom/Pangal,

we have created alert conditions emails for the attributes that we would like to be alerted on and we have been receiving those in emails as well. Like you can see in snapshot below.





But here what we are trying to achive is, we should continue to get above informational emails for all alerts that we have enabled above, but for Incident ticketing creation with HP OM, if we can get certain error codes excluded, then that would be good for us.


We do not want to disable above alert conditions and would like to continue receving emails regularly on the same as usual, but while Incident ticket creation though HP OM for backup failures, if some kind of customization can be done by exclusion of certain error codes.


Incident tickets should not created for all above alert conditions but only for backup failure jobs with exclusion of certain error codes. At this time, HP OM team has confirmed that SNMP traps for all error codes greater than 0 are being received at their end, which we do not want.


I hope I am pretty much clear on my requirement. If not, please let me know, will try again.


Please assist further.



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is der possibility of creating two event one more for failures and one for error code1 and 150 ur problem will be solved

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Sorry Pangal.


I still didn understand what you said.


Please let me know if you have been able to understand my requirement clearlyas stated above,

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Yes, you can created 2 'Job FInalized' alerts... 

 -- One to exclude Status 1, 150, etc..


-- One to include Status 1, 150, etc...

You simply uncheck the box 'Include All Status Codes' on the second alert policy, and type the status code entries for 1,150,etc... 




If you have any questions, please let us know.




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I hope the above detailed and precise explanation from Tom makes it clear

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Hello guys,


But If I exclude those error codes as shown in screeshot, will I get email notifications for the same?



I want email notifications of  error codes 1, 150 etc along with other error codes, but I do not want Incident tickets to be created for the same or in other words, SNMP traps to be sent to HP OM for the same.


Is this possible ?


Please explain.


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a_la_carte kindly create two 2 finalized alerts. 

for eg :- one alert will go to your  email id (1.150) 

and one alert for ticket generation (Failures)