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Failed virtual partition in ghost create image task - need solution please

Level 2

I am new to the forum and not usre if this is the correct place to post this as I can not find the GHOST console product in the list below;

My company is currently trialing the Ghost Console on windows Server 2008 R2 on HP Proliant DL 370G6 hardware. I am currently trying to create and image task for a windows XP based machine. I get success in all areas but virtual partition fails. Do you have any advise on why this is failing? The XP machine I am trying to ghost has 2 discs, both with 2 partitions.


Level 6

It is good practice to include basic information about the product name and version you are using, rather than the name alone, as there are many incarnations of the product which could affect the advice given.

Virtual partition failures are generally seen in a WinPE boot environment where the WinPE boot image lacks the correct Vista 32 bit drivers for the NIC and SATA chipsets of the target machine. (WinPE is based on the Vista kernel, thus needs Vista 32 bit drivers regardless of the operating system being imaged).

Level 2

Thanks for the info :)