Filtering a SQL query in OpsCenter

Can somenone please help me filter this sql query by a particular master/domain ?

 domain_PolicyClient.clientName as "Client Name",
 domain_PolicyClient.policyName as "Policy Name", as "Policy Type",
 nb_Policy.fileList as "Backup Selection"

 domain_PolicyClient, domain_Client,lookup_PolicyType, domain_Policy, nb_Policy
 WHERE = domain_Policy.type AND

domain_PolicyClient.clientName =  AND
 domain_PolicyClient.masterServerId = domain_Client.masterServerId  AND

domain_PolicyClient.policyName = AND
 domain_PolicyClient.masterServerId = domain_Policy.masterServerId  AND
 domain_PolicyClient.policyDomainName = domain_Policy.policyDomainName  AND
 domain_PolicyClient.policyVersionNo= domain_Policy.versionNo  AND = AND
 domain_Policy.masterServerId = nb_Policy.masterServerId  AND
 domain_Policy.versionNo = nb_Policy.versionNo  AND
 domain_Policy.policyDomainName = nb_Policy.policyDomainName  AND

domain_Policy.status = 0 AND = 1 AND  LIKE 'MS%'
 -- LIKE '%PR%'
 -- domain_PolicyClient.clientName LIKE '%winprd%'

 ORDER BY domain_PolicyClient.clientName