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Force OpsCenter to collect data

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In VBR, you could check the status of agents and if needed, force it to run it's data collection my clicking on the "Poll" button for each data collector. Is there anyway to force OpsCenter to go and collect data?

We replaced one of our master servers and I installed the agent again. The server is running NBU6.5.4 so it needs the agent. The agent is running, but OpsCenter doesn't seem to collect. I deleted the server from OpsCenter and recreated it and it connected but none of the collectors started. Thus the need to force a collection.

Any ideas?



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OpsCenter doesn't have a direct way to force a re-poll of the data collection.  You can kinda force it to do one.


On the master (assuming solarins), run /opt/SYMCOpsCenterAgent/bin/stopagent, then /opt/SYMCOpsCenterAgent/bin/startagent.

Wait a minute or two.

On the OpsCenter server, run C:\Program Files\Symantec\OpsCenter\server\bin\opsadmin stop, then C:\Program Files\Symantec\OpsCenter\server\bin\opsadmin start.


If that doesn't help, contact Symantec for assistance on checking the logs.

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There is a way to disable and enable data collection. Go to "Settings" page and "Configuration" tab. You can select your master server and use Disable/Enable button.

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I have a Server 2008 R2 running Netbackup 7.0.1 and Ops Center 7.0 (Build 20091226) on the second node, but the reports dont have any data collected.

Will Opscenter be able to speak to Netbackup on Node1?

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But I do remember reading something about OPSCenter must be the same version as master server. Any how, you should upgrade OPSCenter to 7.0.1 as well. Has a few bug fixes.

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I recommend the upgrade to OpsCenter 7.0.1, too.  You need to be sure to install the correct OpsCenter Agent on your master server so OpsCenter can communicate with the NetBackup NBSL service. 


We are running NBU 6.5.6 on our master, and OpsCenter 7.0.1.  This configuration does work.  There are still some bugs in OpsCenter 7.0.1, but a few of the more noticable ones are fixed in it.

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OpsCenter supports 6.x Master server but you need to have agent to manage/monitor pre 7.x Master server .Restriction is about the vesrion of Agent, so if your Opscenter is 7.0 then you need to install agent of version 7.0 and if the version of OopsCenter is 7.0.1 then instal agent of 7.0.1.

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OpsCenter supports NBU from 6.5.x, but for NBU6.5.x, you have to use an agent for data collection.

We're running NBU6.5.3 and OpsCenter 7.x.  It's running well.