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Free version of OpsCenter?

Is there a 'lite' version of OpsCenter which can allow me much greater notification (particularly via email) and reporting capabilities than what is presently built into NetBackUp 7.6?

Also, what are the system requirements for OpsCenter?  Can it run on a Windows 7 Pro (64-bit) workstation rather than on a full Windows 2008/2012 server?


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Opscenter is free version of

Opscenter is free version of Opscenter Analytics.It has the ability to notify / email alerts .Are you looking for some specific email alert ?

Opscenteris not supported on Windows 7 Pro.Windows 7 is a client based platform, and OpsCenter is not supported.

Supported Windows Server Platforms include -

 ----- Windows 2003 / 2008 / 2012  

pg 73-74 -



I was hoping for something

I was hoping for something that would give me  some much more detailed reporting when my backup policies finish.   The current level of detail when a job completes, using BLAT under Windows 2012 Server, is very minimal.  Even BackUp Exec gives much more detailed notifications (i.e. when  job starts, what server, what policy, time of run, amount of data backed up, etc.)

Quantum-it, you can create a

Quantum-it, you can create a custom report however I think Tabular Backup Report should fit the bill here.

Reports (Tab) -> Report Templates -> Backup -> Job Browser -> Tabular Backup Report

The Tabular Backup Report gives the following columns: Client Name, Job Duration (sec), Job End Time, Expiration Time, Job File Count, Throughput (in KB/s), Job Primary ID, Job Secondary ID, Schedule/Level Type, Master Server, Media Server, Policy Name, Job Type, Job Attempt Count, Schedule Name, Job Size (in MB), Job Start Time, Exit Status, and Job Error Code.

You can filter by Master Server, Media Server, Client (name, OS), Policy Attributes, and Job Attributes (state, status, ...)

To set up the report to automatically email every x hours, we need to set up a schedule .

Hope this will help !


Deeps, Is there a way to


Is there a way to trigger reports so that I would be notified during specific events such as

1.  A Backup job starting?

2. Being notified when a manual intervention is required (i.e. swapping a tape in a single LTO drive)?

3. A complete report when a backup job completes, including skipped files, data backed up, etc?


And can these reports be generated upon start, completion of a job or do they have to run on a schedule?

quantum-it , an alert /

quantum-it , an alert / notification is triggered and a report is scheduled.I think you are looking for an alert on specific events (like job start/ swappingtapes / job complete) ? You can create alert notifiction for JOb Finished / Incomplete job / Mount Request / Drive down but these will only notify you about the event and will not provide much details what you are expecting.However there are reports that captures most of the items you need like job start time, job complete time, data backedup , but they can not scheduled / triggred at the happening of an event.You can only schedule them.