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Generate a report for utilization

Level 3

I was asked to see if I could generate a report that would give tape drive utilization and disk drive utilization from 6:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. I see that there is a report for drive utilization but nothing for specifics that would allow me to choose a specific time frame and NBU master server. Does anyone know how to do this?

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Ok - you can't specify which master server this report collects its data from but you could specify which media servers you wish it to look at in particular.

Edit Report -> Media Server ->

Now this could be painful depending how many master/media servers your environment.

As for time frame - you can either click edit report and choose absolute timeframe or on the main report which shows drive utilization and click customize in the top right and change it there.


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Were you able to modify the time schedule and did the report give some output or was it blank?

Level 6

I'm assuming that the Drive Utilization and Drive Throughput reports are only in OpsCenter Analytics; if you are just using the free version of OpsCenter, this may not work.

Under "Disk & Tape Device Activity" -> "Drive Utilization", edit the report and change the Time Frame Grouping from "Day" to "Hour of day average", and select the media server(s) related to this master server.

You should get a report that shows hour-by-hour instead of the weekday average.

This will show all 24 hours instead of your requested 12-hour period; I can't find a way to do what you are asking with this version of OpsCenter.

One thing that I found: we were not seeing any utilization showing up for our duplications, restores, etc.; only backup jobs were being report until we opened a case with Symantec and they created an EEB for this.  FYI, we were at 7.0.1 already; this problem was in 7.0 as well, so you may still have this same problem we did.

Level 3

I checked my report, I'm doing as you suggested. I'm currently running OpsCenter Analytics and I'm at version 7.0.1 too.

What EEB was it that they gave you? I wonder if I'm not seeing anything during the day time because that's when must of our duplicating and vaulting goes on.


Thanks for the info.

Level 6

That's the most likely cause; the shipped versions of the throughput and utilization reports only seemed to report on backup jobs, no duplications/vaults/restores were being reported.  Since nearly all of our backups go to disk to be staged, and we have a couple of drives that are in almost constant use for duplications, it was easy to recognize the problem when OpsCenter was not showing any utilization on those drives.  It took a bit of experimenting to figure it out, though!  I can only imagine that other folks with a more diverse environment might not be able to recognize this problem.

I just had to check those reports again, and even with the new EEB applied, the reports are not correct.  It seems this EEB reversed the problem; they will now report on duplication/restore/etc. jobs, but not backups! 

Level 6

I have issues with drive utilisation (the drive hotspot option) in opscenter..its plain wrong! Support have send it to backline so its looking like a bug I would be surprised if its the only bug in that area.


Level 3

thanks for the update.

It seems that Symantec is really failing on this product.

Level 3

I recently moved to a fresh install of Opscenter from a VBR setup. Since Opscenter directly gathers data from NBSL instead of running commands in VBR ... Opscenter looked very promising.

However found that Drive utilization is not working at all... even the default report. Forget any customizations.

Even applied the binary patch provided from Symantec (2122784_2  etrack) still same issue.

Media Server throughput report does not give an hour of the day average report.

With even the basic reports not working in Opscenter how can a product be released without even basic testing and having the end users in a fix. It will be difficult to promote the product like this.

Level 3

I am running OpsCenter Basic v7.1 with 71EEB_ET2274411_1 installed. Drive throughput and Utiliztaion reports have been successfully generated, eitehr in "Day" or "Hour of Day Average"