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HTML output of reports

I just upgraded to the 7.0.1 OpsCenter and have found that when you email a report out in HTML format, it no longer embeds the report in the email, but instead creates attachments for all the graphics and the reports.

Is there any way to change this back?

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Same for me when I moved from

Same for me when I moved from VBR to OPScenter.

There's a fix I think; certainly mine now embed the graphics.  Ask support for the latest EEB.

The EEB itself doesn't fix the problem

But the EEB's instructions tell you how to fix this (note: this was in prior EEB's for OpsCenter 7.x as well, they just haven't put the fix into the EEB itself yet):


This 7.0.1 EEB bundle has following one known issue, and it can be fixed manually after
installing the EEB bundle, by carrying out the steps listed below the ET.

1) ET2147365: Error while emailing Graphical reports after applying 7.0.1 EEB bundle on Windows.

To fix the above issue on Windows, user needs carry out following steps,
1. Edit the 'OpsCenterServerService.xml'
2. Look for the line containing '-Djava.class.path=' string
3. Add the entry for 'lib\commons-lang.jar' separated by Semicolon (‘;’) to the line from #2
4. Restart the 'Symantec OpsCenter Server Service'


Was a bit of a blur for me ...  but you are correct.  I do recall having to edit up the xml file.

After I applied EEB

After I applied EEB ET2122784, that fixed the problem of the HTML reports coming out as attachments.

Part of the packages was:

ET2108097: HTML formatted report sent via email arrive as attachment rather than inline

I saw the note listed above, but I wasn't getting any errors in the reports. I wasn't sending any graphical reports either.


Probably a separate issue now, I seem to be getting empty reports. The data is in OpsCnter, because I can view the job information via the Monitor > Jobs tab and setup a filter for the specifics. Even stranger is that another report I have looks for the same information, just outputs different columns, and it has all the data. Very wierd.