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Historical bar chart for total disk usage over time

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Hello everyone,

I am using Symantec NetBackup OpsCenter for reporting specific trends within our Netbackup environment. There is a report, however, that I cannot seem to get out of opscenter. Not sure how I would go by doing this..

Basically I am trying to get a historical bar graph out of opscenter (not just a table) outlining the total disk usage in our environment used for backups over a set period of time (say two weeks?). X axis being the dates, Y being total GB usage of all storage pools. I can only seem to get tables from the canned reports, and no other canned reports seem to give me exactly what I am looking for. Has anyone been able to get this sort of thing out of opscenter reporting?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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You can try working with your SQL DBs team to configure an SQL query for you for this purpose. Thanks

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Is there no way to do this within OpsCenter Analytics either by using the pre-defined reports or by creating a custom report without a query?

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Yes, its pretty much possible with the report list and by small modification/twist.

I have report for Drive utilization, similarly you can use Disk or Storage Unit utilization as shown below

Opscenter Disk Tape Utilization Menu.png

Drive utilization Opscenter report example.png