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How To Create Report Showing BackupID Of Backup Job

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Im new to Netbackup and need to produce a simple report in OpsCenter to track the backupid through all the jobs running each day for the Backup, replication and duplication of each job.

Forgot to add we run Netbackup 8.1.1

I can find the ID manually searching in the Detailed Status in the Admin Console logs of each server and also in ops center jobs tab by selecting each individual job and then going to the More tab and export log for every single job.

Is there a way or SQL query i can build to output the backup id of a backup job and then I could import this in excel and match the replication and dupilcation logs against this.

Currently Im usng the Admin Console to write down each ID and then cross check it against each replciation and duplication every day.  This is driving me nuts as teh BackupID is the only reference I can find that refers to backup,replication and duplications.

These logs are removed after 4 days and I have to produce a report of a sample set of days backup jobs for an Audit every 6 months.

Any pointers greatfully received :)