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How to use more Memory during DB defragmentation?


our Opscenter DB size is about 100GB. The Problem is, if we do a DB defragmentation it needs nearly 24 hours, in which the Opscenter is not available. I looked in the Opscenter Tuning guide and is says that you have to resize the -ch option in the server.cong. It should be half of the DB size, so it would be 50GB.

I saw that during the DB defragmentation the job only uses like 100MB-200MB of RAM. There are 16GB of RAM available.
In our test environment the DB is only 1GB big but during the defragmentation it uses nearly 1GB of RAM. There are 8GB of RAM available.

Both are windows VM's.

Did anyone of you had the same issue?

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Re: How to use more Memory during DB defragmentation?

Hi Sadfd, did you tune the cache on production server ? what is the setting in server.conf ?

Also when you compare the senerio in test setup with that of production , what do expect ? 



Re: How to use more Memory during DB defragmentation?

The setting looks like that:
-gtc 4 -gd DBA -gk DBA -gl DBA -gp 8192 -ti 0 -c 8G -ch 25G -cl 2G -zl -os 1M -m

I added the gtc option and changed the -ch option to 25GB, so it is half the database size. Now I will have to wait until the next defragmention. I hope it gets better than...

I expectet that the production server uses all of the ram is has, so that the time needed for defragmentation is reduced to 7-8 hours. Before we did the Upgrade to 8.1 the defragmentation needed 7-8 hours...