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Include partial success as a success

Level 3

Hi everyone,

I've seen that opscenter is classing backup jobs with a return code 1 as a failure in reports.

Does anyone know of any way to configure opscenter so it classes partialy successful jobs as successful ones?

Also does anyone have a link to the 7.1 software as I can't find it anywhere (currently using 7.0.1)




Level 3

I am using OC7.1 Basic and can't find such configuartion so far. However, there is a workaround for your request. You can exclude the "Success Rate" in your report, then export the report as csv file. With csv file, you can manapulate it in spreadsheet, for instance, you may create a column called "Success Rate" and calculate its value as (Success Job Count + Partially Success Job Count)/(Total Job Count)


Level 6

Netbackup does not condiser a partial sucess job as a sucess job therefore such a workaround might not give the correct picture of the sucess job.You can download Opscenter 7.1 fromthe fileconnect link but for that you need to have a serial number which you can easily get from Symantec Licensing team.

Level 6

Depending on your requirements, you can sometimes create custom versions of the report to show Status Code 1/Partially Successful jobs as successful.  But you can't change the main dashboard when you log in to report otherwise.

We have quite a few backups that also show partially successful and cannot exclude the files, or directories they are in, from the backups due to dynamically created filenames that change on a daily or per-user basis.  They will always show a status code 1 when they back up.  However, we do still monitor the jobs that get status code 1's and update the exclude lists whenever possible.  This minimizes the number of partially successful jobs in the OpsCenter reports and dashboard.

Level 3

Thanks everyones for their suggestions.

We are using opscenter in two different ways, exporting to CSV and manipulating with excel for weekly and monthly reports and scheduled reports but are getting different figures due to the scheduled reports counting partials as failures.

I'll have a look on fileconnect.

Thanks again.

Level 3

Hi Phil,

If you apply this sql code, output report shows the daily success rate included return code 1.


    cast(convert(datetime, dateadd(dd,-t.daysfromnow,now()), 105) as varchar(10)) as "date",
    cast (100.0*succ/tot as decimal(15,2)) as success_rate from
    datediff (dd, utcbiginttonomtime(endtime),now()) daysfromnow,
    sum(IF statuscode in(0,1) THEN 1 ELSE 0 ENDIF) succ,
    count (statuscode) tot
    from domain_job where parentjobid = id
    and daysfromnow < 14    
    group by daysfromnow) t
order by t.daysfromnow desc