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Indexing server on an OpsCenter server?

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Hi all,

I'm trying to understand why we cannot have an indexing server on an OpsCenter server. All references I have found, states it must be installed on a media server. I my case this is not possible, as all media servers are NBU appliances, the master server is a clustered RHEL6, and the only Windows server is the OpsCenter server.

I cannot find any information why it can not be co-hosted on an OpsCenter server. After all, it is only the OpsCenter server we can use the functionaliy through, right? Is this a purely performance consideration? I can surely make the OpsCenter a dummy media server?

Any thoughts?





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Good Day AAImroth,
There are several reasons not to implement OpsCenter on the same host as a NetBackup Master /
Media Server.
Here are just a few examples... however - there maybe additional issues with compatibility between OpsCenter and Indexing on the same host.
1) The OC Guide States the following:
Installation of OpsCenter Server software on a NetBackup master server or
media server is possible if you want to monitor only one master server. An
example is the master server on which the OpsCenter server software is
Therefore, if you are monitoring more then one NetBackup Master using OpsCenter - you should not install OpsCenter on either a master or media server. 
2) OS Compatibility - The indexing server is supported only on Windows 2008 R2 (x64) systems. 
3) Networking - OpsCenter can only run in a ipv4 environment, and an Indexing Server can run ipv6 only.
4) Performance - Adding additional overhead to your OpsCenter host and visa versa (if it was an actual media server) 
5) PBX Versioning - There have been issues where installing OpsCenter on an Active Media Server, will cause a potential communication issue between the Media and Master Server, if OpsCenter and NetBackup are at different levels.  In most environments, OpsCenter is running at or above the version on the master server.