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Master Server no longer collecting data

Level 4

We migrated our Master Server to new hardware, retaining the name per Symantec instructions/recommendations. Same OS, (AIX), same NetBackup version, (7.0). The problem is that OpsCenter, (version 7.0.1 running on Windows server 2008) has stopped collecting data from the Master Server.  We have tried deleting the Master Server and re-adding it into OpsCenter, but data collection will not start.

Symantec tech support says that it is the GUID registered with OpsCenter. DOH ! AIX does not have a GUID, that is a Windows thing. They sent procedures on how to change the GUID, for a Windows Master Server.

Has anyone experienced this, or heard of this problem and know of a solution?



Level 3

Does the entry for the OPSCentre server still exist in the Master Servers bp.conf file.

Did you make use of Host entries maybe on the master server, it could just be a name resolution problem.