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Migration to O365

Hi, this may or maynot be the correct location to post this, apologies if not.

We have a legacy Enterprise Vault system for which responsibility has been handed to a new Team. 

• Enterprise vault consists of 3 servers.
o EV01
o EVDA01
• All of which are running Windows 2008 and includes SQL 2008.
• It is used as a data repository for archived emails

There is a need to migrate from it's current SAN based platform and move the email archive to the O365 environment. I have scanned the articles on this site but have found nothing that would help us plan this migration. Could anyone point me in the right direction please.




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Re: Migration to O365


I guess you mentioned this in another post which happened to be in the right group (Information Governance/Enterprise Vault).

As suggested by folks, you would want to go with a Trusted VERITAS Partner, but as also mentioned by a colleague in that post, you have to consider the implications of moving the Journal Data. Feel free to contact me for further details about the migration and applications to use. <>

Sheldon Dsouza