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NBU / Ops Center Reporting - VMware Query Based Policies

When running VMware policy types, and selecting VM's via query, what is the best / recommended way to report on the status of clients which were scheduled to backup in the previous 24hrs ?  i.e. success / failure / missed.

I don't see an issue with the success / failure reports as they are covered in the standard set of reports, but how do I best see if a client backup which was schedules to run did not run (i.e. was missed for any reason) ?

I need to be able the schedule a report to run each morning to provide this information.

Site in question does NOT have analytics.



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I can think of 2

I can think of 2 possibilities - I don't think either require the analytics license (but as I have this I can't be certain)

1. There is a report which shows backup gaps - so servers that have missed being backed up in the last 24 hours. The report name is "Clients Not Backed up" for a given timeframe (found under "Client Reports"). Problem with this report is that OpsCenter neds to know about the client first - so new clients (if missed) will not show up here

2. This would have to be a two phase approach - run a VMware report to get a list of all the clients in the environment (you could even extract the NBU updated annotation field NB_LAST_BACKUP which might suffice for your needs - but not in OpsCenter). Anyway grab the list of VMware clients that should be backed up and feed it into the "Client Coverage" report (found under "Client Reports"->"Client Risk Analysis")

Hope that helps


David, Thanks for your input,


Thanks for your input, but this raises more questions.......

When I run the clients not backed up report it reports at a granular level including schedules.  This causes me the following problem.  I have daily schedules, monthly schedules and quarterly schedules - and the report correctly indicates that the monthly and quarterly schedules did not run.  I already know that and only expect the daily to run on a 'regular' night of backups.  This causes great confusion with the operators checking backups.

I am also experimenting with VIEWS filters when reporting on backups which use the VM Query selection method.  I am looking to create a number of views (Critical Servers / Non-Critical Servers etc.) by which to filter the reports.  I cannot find a way to add the VMware clients (VM's which don't have the NBU Client software installed) to a view.  I have added them all by name (not query) to a DUMMY VMware policy, but they still do not appear as a CLIENT in host properties nor as an available 'node' in the Ops Center View creation tabs.  How can I select specific VM's for inclusion in a view ?



After some more testing (and

After some more testing (and a restart of Ops Center Services) my DUMMY policy approach appears to have worked - I can now see all of my servers 'named' in the DUMMY policy available for selection in the views setup.