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Need modification on the Symantec Opscenter product

Hi All ,

We required help to modified the Opscenter SNMP traps that will help us in our ticketing tool for management.

1. Master Server OS & version of Netbackup
Windows 2008 R2 /
2. OPScenter Server OS & version of OPScneter
Windows 2008 R2 /

Below is sumary.

Opscenter send alert for backup failure to HP OVO tool(alert genrating tool) & then sent details to ticketing tool(BMC Remedy).

Attached is sample SNMP trap.

SNMP traps which we getting through opscenter & sending to ticketing tool for creating a backup failure ticket.
In ticketing tool we have one column​ CI (configuration item) in that we are getting a opscenter agent name for each backup failure ticket instead of that we required the client name in CI column.
As per the current snmp traps client name shows in AlertSummary and we are unable to configure CI with Client name.
If we getting an separate OctetString in a separate row with the affected client name then it would be possible us to configure with the ticketing tool.

Thanks in Advance,