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Need opscenter report for deactivated policies

Hi all,

Recently we discovered that we forgot to enable some deactivated policies in netbackup and they were skipped for 5-6 days. We want to configure a report which comes everyday listing the deactivated policies. I tried options in Opscenter but could not get desired result. We are using Netbackup 8.0.Can anyone help me configure a report.

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Re: Need opscenter report for deactivated policies

Try this SQL query. You must have Opscenter Anayltics licence to execute this.

domain_MasterServer.networkName as "Master",
LIST(audit_Key.value) as "Policy",
LIST((CASE audit_Record.messageId
        WHEN 2 THEN 'Deactivated'
        WHEN 5 THEN 'Deleted'
END)) as "Action",
LIST(UTCBigIntToNomTime(audit_Record.auditTime)) as "Timestamp",
LIST(audit_UserIdentity.userName) as "User"
FROM audit_Record, audit_Key, domain_MasterServer, audit_UserIdentity
WHERE = audit_Key.masterServerId
AND audit_Record.masterServerId = audit_Key.masterServerId
AND audit_Record.tieInId = audit_Key.tieInId
AND audit_Record.recordId = audit_Key.recordId
AND audit_Record.userIdentityId =
AND audit_Record.messageId IN (2 ,5)
AND DATEDIFF(day,UTCBigIntToNomTime(audit_Record.auditTime), GETDATE()) <= 7 -- Change Time here
GROUP BY audit_Record.tieInId,domain_MasterServer.networkName, audit_Record.recordId
ORDER BY "Timestamp" DESC

Re: Need opscenter report for deactivated policies

Thanks. I have tried this Query already. However it also shows the policy which was disabled and is enabled back. I want only disabled policy list. Is it possible to get the same.