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Netbackup 7.1 master server, agent not required for capacity reporting yet required anyway?

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Hi all,

While trying to figure out how to enable capacity reporting on our OpsCenter installation I've run into what appears to be a documentation bug.

According to the admin guide, a NetBackup 7.1 master server does not require an agent to communicate with OpsCenter.

However, if you want capacity license reporting enabled both the howto guide and the product itself appears to require that an agent is configured for the master server.

In the howto article at the included images explicitly show that an agent is chosen, and it appears to be the master server itself.

But the agent cannot even be installed on our master server - it being linux, and Solaris and Windows being the only choices available for the agent.

If do not select an agent for the master server, I get successful collection of all data but the media reports are empty and the deployment analysis tab states that the master server is not connected, agent missing.

If I select the OpsCenter server as my agent, I get all collections completed but the master server is reported as partially connected.

Catch 22, anyone? I am supposedly not required (or able) to configure an agent for netbackup 7.1, yet the capacity and media reports seem to demand one?


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Yes, I pointed this out to Symantec also. They said you can actually run the equivalent of the report on the master server itself with no need for Opscenter.

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How about create temporary master on linux. Restore database there and install agent.

I think you need capacity model run only once.

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An agent host is required to be installed for Deployment Analysis Reporting.

The agent software can be installed on the OpsCenter Server (Windows or Solaris) and must be patched to the same version of OpsCenter.

Once installed, you will need to create the Agent within the OpsCenter WebUI, then disable data collection, modify the master to use the agent, and restart data collection.

1.     Install the Agent Software from the OpsCenter CD

2.     Patch to same version of OpsCenter

3.     Create the Agent within OpsCenter / Settings / Configuration / Agent

4.     Edit the Master / Setting / Configuration / 

5.     Cycle Data Collection



For additional information, please refer to the following:

(You must install the OpsCenter 7.1 Agent before patching)


  • Agent Packages for

· provides fixes for OpsCenter/OpsCenter Analytics 7.1 Agent on Windows.

·         OpsCtr_Agent_7.1.0.2_solaris.tar provides fixes OpsCenter/OpsCenter Analytics 7.1 Agent on Solaris SPARC.

  • Agent Packages for

· provides fixes for OpsCenter/OpsCenter Analytics 7.1 Agent on Windows.

·         OpsCtr_Agent_7.1.0.1_solaris.tar provides fixes OpsCenter/OpsCenter Analytics 7.1 Agent on Solaris SPARC.


Master Download List -