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Not able to see alerts in OpsCenter


I have created some alert policies and configured email alerts for it and am getting all alerts through email but my problem here is am not able to see those alerts in opscenter alerts window..i tried to changd drop down to critical and all alerts but still am not able to see....

any help would be greatly appreciated.....

We are on NetBackup 7.1

OpsCenter is on 7.1.




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Your master server name appears to be blank

If you didn't blank it out before posting, then I don't think your OpsCenter install is complete.

Also, what happens if you click on the blue "879" in the lower left, next to "Alert Summary"?

Yes..i have erased my master

Yes..i have erased my master server name.when i click on alerts 879 in alert summary am getting blank screen as u can see in above screeshot....

I haven't seen this before

I'd suggest opening a case with Symantec.  I don't see anything from this screen shot that would limit what is seen in the output, and I don't know why OpsCenter would think there are 879 "critical" alerts but not display them.

Check view!

Hello Paramesh,

just one idea! Please check the following:
in the 'Alert Policy Wizard' -> 3rd screen 'Scope': Have you choose the servers from the 'ALL MASTER SERVERS' view?


Can you try one thing, Create

Can you try one thing,

Create a custom SQL report with query as select * from am_alert. You can try to find out the alert creation time, status and treeId. The output of the report might provide some hint.