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OPS physical memory recommended

I apologize in advance for my english.
I need to install OpsCenter on Windows2008, and I saw that symantec recommended minimum 8GB of physical memory.
My question is this: having to implement an OpsCenter with a DB of about 7GB, how many physical memory is recommended?

Thanks and Regards
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Valerio, I would highly


I would highly recommend 16GB (min) 

Depending on your growth over the next year, perhaps 24-32... 

The OpsCenter 7.5 guide states - 

  • 2 Processors   -- 8GB RAM         0-20k jobs / day
  • 4 Processors   -- 8GB RAM         20k-40k jobs / day
  • 8 Processors   -- 8GB RAM         40k-60k jobs /day
  • 16 Processors  --16 GB RAM       60k-150k jobs /day
However, there are other factors that can increase base system requirements.
Symantec NetBackup OpsCenter Administrator's Guide(s) for 7.5. and 7.6
OpsCenter 7.6 should be releasing a Performance and Tuning Guide in the coming weeks which will provide additional sizing guidelines.