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OPScenter report - Summary of backed up file counts - where's the "total"

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Kinda new to Opscenter, but got asked for some data, so I thought I give it a try.

Want one simple fact, how many files got backed up last month?

Great, I run me the opscenter report called "File Count" in "Backup" -> "Job Activity"..  Get a cool pie chart, and a list of files backed up by server in the previous month.  All good.

EXCEPT THERE"S NO TOTAL ON THE END!  I have a lot of clients, like pages and pages of them, I really don't feel like hauling out my calculator and adding up the hundreds of file count entries.

What am I missing?  I did try to edit the report, but quickly got lost.  Didn't see anything about totals.  Is there another report?

Opscenter is v. running on windows server 2008 R2.  Not a master/media server.. 


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If you're using OpsCenter Analytics, try this as a custom query.


select sum (domain_JobArchive.filesBackedUp) as "Files",
domain_JobArchive.clientname as "Client"
from domain_jobarchive
GROUP BY domain_JobArchive.clientname