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Only admins can see filters created by others in OpsCenter 7.6

Level 3

We are trying to allow the ability for OpsCenter users in our environment to view each other's filters, or more specifically, a filter that specifically filters by clients, but the only user type that can see all filters created by users that are not already there in Opscenter are the administrative accounts within Opscenter. When lower permission users try to create filters with the same name as other filters that already exist, but cannot be seen by them, they are given a warning that the filter already exists.


For example, if any Opscenter user regardless of permissions level creates a filter called "Clients", which sorts by client name in the Job Monitor, the ONLY user accounts that can see this filter is the creator of the filter, and the Administrative accounts within Opscenter. We want to have ALL users be able to see ALL filters created by EVERYONE within Opscenter. Is this possible in any way? If so, how? There doesn't seem to be any documentation whatsoever on Opscenter filters or how they behave between user accounts.