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OpCenter alerts with blank report. SQL Query not fetching with the reports.

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Hi All,

We are using OpsCenter version, and all master servers with same version of veritas software.

OpsCenter server migrated to Azur, from then we stopped getting alerts and notification emails, then we have created account in Azur and enabled to SMTP services from the cloud level, then issue resolved and started getting email alerts but getting blank email as error getting "???error.fetching.reportoutput???" and when I click on show report query this is what it throws me the error.

"select COUNT( as "",domain_JobArchive.jobMediaServerId as "domain_JobArchive.jobMediaServerId" from domain_JobArchive where ( (domain_JobArchive.isValid = '1') ) AND ( ( (domain_JobArchive.endTime BETWEEN '139271112006670000' AND '139283208006670000') ) AND ( (domain_JobArchive.type IN (0 )) ) AND ( ( (domain_JobArchive.masterServerId IN (7848,12060,255461,255483,256999,257032,257047,275940,284463,286970,286984,386228,926698,1882420,1885642,1887016,1887039,1887193,1887395,1887506,1887512,2429952 )) ) ) ) GROUP BY "domain_JobArchive.jobMediaServerId" ORDER BY "" DESC , "domain_JobArchive"."jobMediaServerId" ASC"

We have taken db backup on line and offline, and reinstalled the OpsCenter still same issue. Reports are not fetching kindly help on this.


Thanks & Regards,



Level 2

This is what the error we get in email alerts.