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Opcenter Hardware requirements



Do someone know the hardware requirements for Opcenter?







Thx in advance!


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...check the link

Hi,   Thx for the responce



Thx for the responce but this document can't be correct!

It is a document for Backup reporter 6.2 (MP1) from 2007!?

I need the Hardware requirements for Opcenter.


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...Veritas Backup Reporter

...Veritas Backup Reporter was renamed to Opcenter Analytics...that's straight off the application's subsite on

Try this one...

page 44


We are running it on a VM with dual 2.8Ghz Xeon processors, 4GB RAM, 20GB C: drive for system and Netbackup client install, and 30GB F: drive for OpsCenter.


I would recommend looking at page 46 in the above technote for info on installing OpsCenter on a different drive.  We've had problems when we change our OpsCenter logging levels and were filling up our C: drive on a daily basis with thousands of log files.  Had to have Symantec enter an override in a config file that just overwrites the log file as it files up, which occurs every 3-4 seconds.

VM is a good choice

We're running OpsCenter on VMware virtual machine. It gives you management flexibility if you want to expand your machines's capacity.  The virtual machines runs on 2 vCPU and 8GB vRAM. Giving more RAM would give a better performance as there is a OpsCenter has an embedded Sybase database.

For disk space, it's easy to expand for a virtual machine. 50GB is a good start.

Are you monitoring a single

Are you monitoring a single NBU Master?  The OpsCenter Tuning and Best  Practices recommends a stand alone server.  I am looking to move our OpsCenter server to a new location so new server.  I monitor approximately 10 sites/Masters with 2 of those sites in the 1k + client range.

Are there any recomendations

Are there any recomendations Windows vs. Unix?

Yes, a single NBU master

Our system is just a single NBU master and a couple hundred clients.  The only performance issues we've run into have been from the OpsCenter software itself (high CPU usage from the SQL database service).  One of those was a bug in the OpsCenter software that caused timeouts.  It would have happened on a physical server, too.

I can easily imagine that using OpsCenter to monitor 10 masters and thousands of clients would require a pretty beefy standalone server.

I'm a big proponent of following the info in the Best Practices guides, but this is one of the few we found that don't really apply to our smaller environment.


Windows 2008 64 bit is best for Opscenter to work .