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Opcenter not locating master server

Level 3

I am running Netbackup 7.1 and Opcenter 7.1.  When Opcenter was initially installed everything seemed to connect and data transfered over from NOM.  However, now enabling and disabling the data collection results in a non-connection.  I recently deleted the Master so that I may add it back and the error is stating:  Server "  IP    " could not be located. Please confirm that the server is configured for access from OpsCenter and also check if the NetBackup services are running.  BNWsesraser

There have been no major changes to our Master Server that would have prevented further access.  Please advise.


Level 3

Ok...for some reason, maybe load on the Master, the server is now partially connected.  Still not where I want to be! 

Level 3

it certainly could be load on the master.  Any issues with pbx on the OpsCenter box?  I had an issue with connectivity, and it turns out it was related to a host file that someone had put in place, that had the wrong IP for that master.  Removed host entries and it worked fine.

Level 6

We have a problem with some of the data collection types failing, and the status of the agent then shows "partially connected".  You might want to check your data collection when the status is "partically connected" and see if any of them have failed.

If I disable data collection (takes about 20 seconds for it to take effect and for the screen to update), then enable data collection (again, another 20 seconds), we seem to get data collected for at least a little while, but it eventually fails again.

Level 3

I manually restarted all Opcenter services, deleted the master, and readded.  After about 30 mins of readding, it finally partially connected. Completed a dfrag on the Opcenter DB, seeing that when it migrated from NOM, it most likely was only a copy.  24 hours later did a disable -> enable and now fully connected.  I think it was a few things, such as load and initial configuration contributed to issues.  However, can anyone explain the amount of times or the time frame that Opcenter makes contact with the master?  Connection status is solid but is it constantly syncing with the master?  Thanks to all who did and are replying. Hope this helps others.

Level 4

I got simialr issue. Does anyone could help ?

Level 4

Hi, i'm not sure if this is correct in your case but could be worth investigating...

I found that the initial data collection from OCA 7.1 and our BE agent would fail if the initial data collection was over 6000 entries (for us about 2 months job history).  I cannot find a limit in any config files but this may be a hard coded limit?  I am open to correction but this may also be the case with data collection from NBU.

Our environment is brand new so have not experienced this issue with NBU.


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Try below one and let us know if it helps


Add OpsCenter Server entry to NetBackup master server host properties

Under servers tab

 and then check from opscenter if it is able to locate master server