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Ops Center - Parent Job with data size in GB

Level 4

Hello Geeks,

We use Ops Center Analytics; we have 3 Master servers which run on a Linux OS with NBU version

When I run a customized report for NDMP backup for all 3 Master sever, the report is generated as configured for 2 servers except one. Whereas the problematic server providing the data with the parent Job which has some GB value backed up.

For instance, below depicted the example…

I have configured each volume for 3 different policies for an NDMP report.  When I run the NDMP report , “NDMP_Client 1 and NDMP_Client 3” are providing me the exact data what I required/configured. However NDMP_Client 2 providing me two different job streams where the parent job has some data backed up. Am not sure from where the parent job got this data size or this is some real  value to notify ..etc.. , Remaining reports captures the parent job  with 0 GB size.  

Can someone help me on this?

Thanks in advance..