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Ops Center - Reporting on Expired Media for return from offsite storage

Being fairly new to Ops Center reporting I am having difficulty in obtaining a report which will show me a list of media which has expired within the past 1 week. 

I want to be able to produce a report which allows me to request all tapes which have become expired and are now available for return to site from the offsite storage location.

I am confused between meida expired / iamges expired / physical media expired etc etc.

Anybody got a sample or advice ? (I have Ops Center Analytics licensed)


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There may be a few different

There may be a few different ways to obtain this info.

If you are using NBU Vault and you have all of the tapes that are being sent off site in their own volume pool, you could use the "Custom Report" option and filter on "Volume Pool ID". You could pull list at the beginning of whatever period you were looking to pull back from.

Secondly, while not a report in OpsCenter, assuming all media you have are either in a Library or off site, you could use the Admin Console and under "Media and Device Management>Media" Sort by "Robot Type" anything listed as None that is expiring/scratch would be ready to be pulled.

Hope one of those can help, but if not let me know and I can look into it some more.

Miles, We are not using Vault

Miles, We are not using Vault so can't use that option. I still can't see an report in Ops Center to give me this info. We do have Analytics so could use the SQL option to get the info - but surely this is a common requirement and therefore there should be an easy way to get this info ? AJ.

Is the objective of this

Is the objective of this report is to get the number or media id which are available for reuse or is to get a report to recall media which are offsite ?If the objective is to recall media then you can use the following canned report. Report>Media>Media Expiration Report The report predicts the availability of media based on the expiration date of the media. Using this report you can determine what media will be available for reuse You can filter the list with volume pool ( select the volume pool for your offsite media) and sort with Expiration date. Recall the media whenit is schedule to expire and then you can re-use it.