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Ops Center Services keep stopping

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V7.1.0.2 Windows

Hi all,

I have an issue where my OpsCenter services stop every night just after midnight. Once started again everything works as expected. Database corruption has been ruled out.

There is no error that I can find, only informational messages in the windows logs – “Normal shutdown of service SQLANYs_VERITAS_OPSCENTER”. Source: SQLANY64 11.0

I have an open case with Symantec and have sent them NBSU/Application/System logs which has not seemed to help.

Looking at my Catalina logs I can see that the Catalina service also stops at that same time too – INFO: Stopping service Catalina.

I have confirmed that no scheduled tasks are running which may cause the issue.

My tomcat.log file hasn’t updated in over 2 weeks (does that mean anything)?

Symantec want me to upgrade the version to see if that will fix the issue, but I thought I’d just try here first to see if anyone has any ideas.

Has anyone come across this before?


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How much freespace is on the volume where the database resides?

If this volume gets to low, then Sybase will automatically shutdown the database to prevent corruption.

The oddity here, is that the service restarts itself.

Purging is scheduled to kick off at midnight, but this also does not explain shutting down the services.


Double check to see if there is a scheduled task or another application requesting the shutdown.




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Thanks Tom, 

There's plenty of space on the database drive (over 200GB). The service doesn't actually restart itself, I have to do that manually. Strange thing is that even when I setup the service recovery options the services don't restart themselves. This to me indicates that the services aren't actually failing, but stopping gracefully by some unknown entity.

I've triple checked scheduled tasks, and can't see any other application that could be causing the issue...

Any ideas about my tomcat logs & catalina services?



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Employee Accredited Certified

Next, I would look at the /db/data/server.log it may have something in there about shutting down the database.

Also, check near the bottom of the log for # of fragments on the vxpmdb.db file...(just courious)

The next place to look is in the 148 logs, /server/logs