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Ops Center - Upgradation from to 7.6

Level 4

Hello All,

We are in the plan of upgrading OpsCenter version to 7.6 from in our environment; I need assistance/some step by step suggestion documentation from you all to make this as a successful upgradation.

I need some project plan from your end on this upgrade activity if you have done this earlier in any of your projects.

Any tips for me as am new to this upgradation and also suggest me the latest patch on the 7.6 version.

Kindly help me on this thanks !


Level 5

I would suggest to wait for a patch instead of directly going to 7.6. Right now I am not sure if a patch is released for 7.6 version.  Have you done the previous upgrades or this is the first time you are handling for opscenter?? I can share the procedure for the earlier upgrade if you would like to. Moreover this upgrade is one day affair and won't need much of the project plan activities. But reserving one day would be good just in case something goes wrong.

Level 5

I have just verified and OpsCenter does have patch for 7.6. So you should install

Level 5

When I was typing the above message 2 hours before the has been released.