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Ops Center / Virtual + Physical Client Reporting.

Level 5 environment, looking to get some info from opscenter


I need to report a client count of physical AND virtual clients that have backed up within a given time frame (eg previous month). Currently there is a Virtual Client Summary page, which does all of nada for time-frame of backups.. just most recent backup.


Physical clients are reporting for everything else ,and virtual based backups are excluded from them... why is there no option to report on virtual based client backups if this a key feature!?! One canned report that's not modifiable doesnt make it very useful.

I would also like a way to parse through have it list the client names that it is picking up for the backups (short and FQDN mixed environment)

Additionally, I would like to have a seperate report generated that will give the listing of the first successful full backup, last successful full backup, and last successful backup of a client for both physical and virtual clients.



Bit of a rant, just frustrating it's so difficult to pull information if there's no client on the machine.



Level 6

Do you need just counts (number of clients ) of the host (Physical and virtual) backed up during a specified time frame or you also need the name of the clients ? 



Level 5

Ideally I would like the client names as well just in case there are any duplicate cilents (Short vs FQDN for example)