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Ops Integration with NetCrunch NMS



We are monitoring our backup environment with OpsCenter and would like to integrate it with NetCrunch NMS ( Can we do it with SNMP traps? If yes then is there any MIB available?




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Hi, Go through the



Go through the note

Matt (vindir),  MIBs are

Matt (vindir),

 MIBs are available.

You can find them under >...\...installpath...\OpsCenter\server\config\snmp\

Where to find MIB files for NetBackup OpsCenter

Please also reference the following information....

OpsCenter SNMP alerts are not being seen by SNMP Recipient

Symantec NetBackup OpsCenter 7.6 Administrator's Guide




Frequently asked SNMP and OpsCenter questions




What are the default versions of SNMP that are supported in OpsCenter?

SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3.

What is SNMPv2c? How it is different from SNMPv2?

See About SNMP versions

Is the OpsCenter SNMP community name configurable?


See Configuring the SNMP trap community name for OpsCenter.

How is the OpsCenter community related to the public community?

Is the default community name of "OpsCenter" just a name for the community, but still considered public because of certain attributes?

The "OpsCenter" community used by OpsCenter is public, but the community name is maintained as "OpsCenter".

Generally, the "default read community string" for the public community is "public". Public community means read-only access to SNMP traps.