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OpsCenter 100% cpu utilization after alerts enabled (7.01)

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I was hoping that this was just an issue with 7.0 but now I can confirm the issue happens with 7.01 as well and I'm hoping someone can help. I want to setup an alert to monitor a couple of my policies and tell me if they run longer than X hours. I know that this runs every 15 mins and I expected a little slowdown on the OpsCenter server but as soon as I enable to alert dbsrv11.exe (yes it's windows 2003) eats up all of my CPU. My environment is not overally huge (200 clients and 100 policies) and I've only got the alert checking 2 specific policies so I don't see why it is acting like this. I had thought it was just a temporary issue as the first time I enabled it after going to 7.01 the cycles went down after a reboot but then when I came in this morning after the holiday weekend I saw my cpu was back at 100% usage. Has anyone else seen this and have any ideas about how to fix it?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi BCostello!

I would suggest opening a case with Support and provide them a copy of the server.log when the alert policy is enabled versus disabled with logging enabled. Enable logging by adding the following at the end of the entry in this file <installpath>\Server\db\conf\server.conf

-zr SQL

server.log is typically found at <installpath>\Server\db\log\server.log

Enable it for 20 minutes with Alerts disabled and another 20 minutes with Alerts enabled. This should provide some useful information for debugging.

<installpath>\Server\logs\*-148-* logs for the same time frame would also be useful.

Good luck!