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OpsCenter data collection error

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I am running Symantec OpsCentre v7.5.0.1 and am getting an error message when the data collection runs on one of my RHEL master servers which is also running v7.5.0.1, I am not using the agent.

The error occurs when the collection start for the Virtual Servers, this is the error:

[Nbsl/Agent communication exception]: Data collection failed for proxy server : 

lonbfbnbumedia1 is my VMware Backup Host / Windows Media Server, the media server connects to the VMWare environment without any issues and is being used for VM backups.

Is this due to no opscenter agent being in place on the media server?



Attitude is a small thing that makes a BIG difference

Level 6


I have installed the OpsCentre agent onto the VMWare Backup Host but this has not changed anything, I still get the same communication error

Attitude is a small thing that makes a BIG difference

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Opscenter agent is not required for media servers -

It communicates only with the Master Server via NBSL.

Check the authentication setup again from the master server for the VmWare configuration.

The documentation says you dont need the agent from 7.x onwards, however, my issues were slightly relieved once the agent was installed.


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After you promote ops center, is it on bp.conf?

On opscenter, data collection tab, agent is checked? please uncheck.

After this restart nbsl service on master.





Level 3

You can do a quick check to figure out the issue. Can you create a VMWare policy from the Java GUI and check whether browse vm (client tab of the policy dialog -> Virtual Machine Select manualy) is working or not? Please select the same backup host for which you are getting the error in OpsCenter VM data collection.

if you could not browse VMs from the Java GUI then there could be issue with backup host connectivity.  And if you could browse the VMs then check the backup host entry in bp.conf of the master server. 



Level 6

The bp.conf all look Ok on the master/media servers, the agant option is not checked in the data collector tab.

I have several VMWare policies and can browse to the clients on these policies.

Not sure what else it could be.



Attitude is a small thing that makes a BIG difference